Help extend the moratorium on evictions for Qld renters

September 22, 2020

ACT NOW! Last week, the Queensland government decided to end the moratorium on evictions for residential renters whist at the same time extending the moratorium for commercial tenancies. Help us in our call to extend the moratorium until December 31 by sending a Premier an email.  It’s not the right time to be ending protections … Read More

Michelle’s story

September 11, 2020

Michelle lives in South-East Queensland with her two teenage daughters, and until more recently, her ex-partner. The house they rented had termite damage, rats in the wall and rotting timber. Every request Michelle made for repairs, was ignored. “I almost fell through floorboards once, and there are support beams that are rotten,” says Michelle. “I … Read More

Your help is needed to extend the moratorium on evictions

September 2, 2020

Use this link to email the Housing Minister and ask for the moratorium on evictions to be extended. The moratorium on evictions is due to end September 29, putting many Queenslander renters at risk of homelessness. At the same time, both the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments will reduce. Predictions are that another 740,000 Australians will … Read More