The Animal Welfare League Qld has told its supporter that they want to see renting make fairer for our furry friends.
Studies show that having pets increases people’s health, happiness and resilience yet only 10% of rental properties in Queensland allow pets and 85% of people either have or want to have a pet.
In 2019/20, 22% of cats and dogs surrendered to AWLQ were due to accommodation issues.
There has been a 32% increase in surrenders due to homelessness since COVID-19.
The proposed legislation means that renters with pets may be vetted out at application time; and we don’t want to see conditions that mean your average dog or cat must live outside.
It is important to introduce legislation to ensure that people know they are allowed to keep their pets when they apply for rental accommodation. Research has shown statistically, that there is no significant difference between the cost of damage for tenants with or without pets, tenants feel powerless in negotiations with real estates, and feel discriminated against.
Now is the time to act and to tell government that they cannot make laws that favour the interests of the deep pocket property developers and the real estate lobby.

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