Pamela has been living in her rental home for almost 4 years.  The property is also home to her extended family, including her daughter who is an essential worker.  Pamela is also a carer for another family member who has a disability.

For almost 4 years she looked after the house like it was her own, not only maintaining the property but also making improvements at her own cost (with the landlord’s approval), such as re-painting the front door and paying for external house washing.  Pamela has always paid her rent on time and was never given any breaches by the agent.  However, things when changed the house was sold and the new landlord appointed a different real estate agent to manage Pamela’s property.

“They didn’t like that we had 4 vehicles on the property and that our garage was a workshop for my son’s hobbies.  We were given 60 days to leave without cause.  They said it was to do repairs, but the property was in good shape and didn’t need repairs,” Pamela said.

“Being asked to leave threw our family into chaos.  We knew the rental market was bad, but we had no idea just how bad it was. We would have at least 5 applications running at a time with no luck.  When our time ran out, I asked the real estate agent for an extension, and they gave us another month.  However, we still didn’t have any luck getting a house.”

Pamela said she sent the agent a spreadsheet of all the rental property applications she had made and was able to negotiate another 3-month lease.

“They offered us an extension but increased the rent by $100 per week.  We had little option but to accept to keep a roof over our heads,” Pamela stated.  “We are currently 2 weeks into this 3-month extension, and I am worn out from doing applications, house viewing and constant rejections.  None of this is fair.  It seems like the new owner just doesn’t like us and because of that our lives have been turned upside down.”

Pamela described her fear of being left without a place to call home.  “I’m sick with worry that we won’t be able to find another place and we’ll be turned out onto the streets.  I don’t have anyone I can couch surf with, so I’m ringing the homeless hot line to find out my options.  I have a good rental history and excellent references.  I should not be in this situation. Notice to leave without cause needs to be stopped.”