Give people the right to stay in their rental homes and prevent unfair evictions

October 26, 2018


Times are changing and more people are renting than ever before. We need to ensure our tenancy laws are keeping up. Queensland rental reforms are needed to protect good tenants from evictions without any reason.   

Make Renting Fair Queensland represents a voice for all Queenslanders, particularly the more vulnerable and disadvantaged relying on rental housing. Sign up and support our campaign. @RentingFairQld  #RentingFairQld


A place you can make home whether you rent or own

October 25, 2018

Help us Make Renting Fair in Queensland!

Welcome to Make Renting Fair in Queensland, a community campaign to improve the conditions for renters across the state. With the Queensland government starting a review of tenancy laws, we want to push for progressive change.  Our campaign starts here and it will run through to whenever legislative changes are passed in parliament, which is likely to be later next year.  We need your help to build momentum!

Sign up and join our campaign, tell your friends and family and help us to Make Renting Fair in Qld – Safe home, Fair Conditions for all. Whether you rent or own you should be able to make a place your home. Make Renting Fair Media Release looks at which Queensland electorates have more renters than owner occupiers.  It’s time for change!

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