Premier Fix the Bill

August 20, 2021

Queensland renters need fair, safe and certain tenancy legislation and the proposed new legislation does not provide this. You can modify the letter below to add your own story and demand a fairer deal for Queensland renters! Your browser does not support iframes. Please visit   

Animal Welfare League Qld says make renting fairer for furry pals

July 16, 2021

The Animal Welfare League Qld has told its supporter that they want to see renting make fairer for our furry friends. Studies show that having pets increases people’s health, happiness and resilience yet only 10% of rental properties in Queensland allow pets and 85% of people either have or want to have a pet. In 2019/20, 22% … Read More

Tell the Premier to fix the Bill

July 4, 2021

Queensland renters need fair, safe and certain tenancy legislation and the proposed new legislation does not provide this. Your browser does not support iframes. Please visit

It’s time for Queensland renters to be given a fair go

June 21, 2021

Last Friday, the Minister for Housing, Leeanne Enoch introduced proposed legislation that would see tenants at the whim of the well-funded real estate lobby. The Make Renting Fair Queensland campaign, supported by over 50 community organisations, have come out today outlining their disappointment with the mixed bag of changes, after two and a half years … Read More

Election 2020 Scorecard – how the parties compare

October 23, 2020

In the leadup to the Queensland State election, we have asked each of the major parties about their policies in relation to changing and improving our State’s tenancy laws. We put forward 10 questions to the parties. To date only the Greens, the LNP and the ALP have responded, with a promise to respond having … Read More

Your help is needed to highlight the issues facing renters, with all parties

October 20, 2020

In the lead-up to the election, let your local candidates know that everyone deserves a safe place to call home! ACT NOW!   Given that we currently seem no closer to finding out when the state government will progress the paused Tenancy Law Reform Process, we are seeking to highlight the issue with all candidates … Read More

Help extend the moratorium on evictions for Qld renters

September 22, 2020

ACT NOW! Last week, the Queensland government decided to end the moratorium on evictions for residential renters whist at the same time extending the moratorium for commercial tenancies. Help us in our call to extend the moratorium until December 31 by sending a Premier an email.  It’s not the right time to be ending protections … Read More

Michelle’s story

September 11, 2020

Michelle lives in South-East Queensland with her two teenage daughters, and until more recently, her ex-partner. The house they rented had termite damage, rats in the wall and rotting timber. Every request Michelle made for repairs, was ignored. “I almost fell through floorboards once, and there are support beams that are rotten,” says Michelle. “I … Read More