Tenants deserve honesty and fairness

June 5, 2019

Choosing a home is a big decision. The costs of moving are significant and the emotional turmoil of relocating can be enormous. It’s not a task people want to experience regularly.

To ensure tenants can make the best decision for their future, they deserve to know all the facts when deciding which house to call home. Tenants deserve honesty and fairness.

As the Queensland government considers its review of tenancy laws, we’re proposing changes to ensure tenants receive accurate information at the time of choosing their rental home.

We believe renters should receive full disclosure on specific facts that might affect their ability to live in, or enjoy their home, before entering a tenancy agreement. For example we think renters should know:

  • If there is a mortgage over the property, and whether the issuing bank has given consent to the tenancy agreement;
  • Any intentions to sell the premises;
  • Whether the lessor resides nearby;
  • Whether there are any significant urban developments approved in the area;
  • The extent of any repairs and maintenance works undertaken at the property during the previous 24 months, and;
  • Any other factors that may have a significant bearing on a household’s enjoyment of the property were they to take up occupation.

While we are doing our utmost to push through these reforms, it’s important Queenslanders show their support. Beneficial changes to tenancy laws have recently occurred in the ACT and VIC, and they would not have been possible without public support.

To get behind these changes, please share this message on social media, sign up to our campaign updates and also share your own renting stories.

If you have experienced deceitful tactics when choosing a rental property, we want to hear your story. Email [email protected]

You can also have your say. Send us a 30-second video answering this question: “THE THING I MOST WANT TO CHANGE ABOUT RENTING IN QUEENSLAND IS….”   Your video will be shared on our social and other public media sites. Send it to our Facebook page or via email ([email protected])

Enforce basic standards – Let’s Make Renting Fair in Queensland!

May 30, 2019

There are some basic requirements that every house should have to help make a house a home.  Homes that are safe and in good condition have a positive effect on people’s well-being and houses with good water and energy efficiency help keep tenants costs down.

Let’s change the law to introduce periodic inspections by an independent party and introduce measures that let tenants know if any, and what, repairs and maintenance have been done on a rental property.

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No Unfair Evictions – Let’s Make Renting Fair in Queensland!

May 8, 2019

It’s time to change our laws. Right now renters can be evicted from their homes without any reason which creates instability and fear when renters need a place to call home!  Let’s change the law to remove without reason evictions, requiring a fair ground for every tenancy termination.

Share our video and get on board the campaign to Make Renting Fair in Queensland!

Send us a 30 second talking head video (for use on our social and other public media sites) to our Facebook page or email to    [email protected]

‘’Lives turned upside down – NSW renters experiences of no grounds evictions’’

March 19, 2019

Its real! Renters are bearing the brunt of outdated laws more than we think.  Of the 650 or so renters who completed the survey reported on in ”Lives turned upside down”, just under half had direct experience of a no grounds eviction. The result – renters are moving more often and renters are experiencing housing instability.

But even renters who have not experienced a no grounds eviction, the threat of one is enough to create anxiety and fear for tenants, many whom hold back from reporting problems for fear of being evicted.

Read the full report here about the impact on tenants of no grounds evictions.

The experience in Queensland is NO DIFFERENT.  That’s why we need your support to change the law in Queensland.  Please share with your family and friends so they can support us to change this archaic law in Queensland.

Tenancy Law Changes in the ACT

February 26, 2019

Last week the ACT assembly passed a bill to make renting fairer in the ACT.  Changes include:

  • a default position that tenants can have pets and even where a tenant is required to seek consent it can only be refused if ACAT has approved the refusal.
  • Rent increases of up to a prescribed amount, if a landlord wants a higher increase the tenant has to agree, or the landlord has to apply to ACAT.
  • a new process for modifications of a property by a tenant.
  • a new limit imposed on break lease fees to ensure they only cover a landlord’s actual loss.
  • tenants right to vacate by providing 3 weeks notice if they are given a no cause termination notice during a fixed term tenancy.

The changes will take at least 12 months to implement.

Unfortunately other changes including an attempt to end unfair evictions and the creation of minimum standards were not supported.  Despite not winning changes to unfair evictions, landlords will be required to provide a statutory declaration if they are going to evict a tenant because their family will be moving in.

You can find the full story here.

Kickstarting the campaign in 2019

February 22, 2019

With the government still planning to table a tenancy law reform bill in parliament mid-year, we are kick starting the campaign!

As you know the Queensland government’s public consultation about tenancy law (Open Doors to Renting Reform) closed on November 30. They are currently pulling together a report on all the responses.

As we build momentum we’ll be calling for your help to lobby politicians and the community.

Help us kickstart the campaign by asking your friends and family who have rented to follow us on Facebook @makerentingfairqld and sign up as a supporter to receive campaign updates here

Making a Place Your Home – TQ calls for a shake up of laws!

December 13, 2018

Listen to the Minister for Housing (Hon Mick de Brenni), the REIQ and Tenants Queensland discuss tenancy law reform issues with ABC’s Emma Griffith.  Property standards,  rent increases and limitations, pets, and property inspections are all covered on Tuesday morning’s FOCUS program.

Listen here

Launch of Disrupted – the consumer experience of renting in Australia

December 7, 2018

The launch of Disrupted – 2018 Report by CHOICE, National Shelter and NATO attracted a range of publicity.

Listen and read more through the links below:

Tenancy law reform submissions and surveys – last day today!

November 30, 2018

The Queensland government’s Open Doors to Renting Reforms consultation is closing today. If you haven’t yet had your say, please use our link to support Make Renting Fairs’s seven pint plan. It only takes a minute to enter your name, email address and postcode and we send it for you. Alternatively, jump onto the Open Doors site to fill in a survey or send your thoughts.

Don’t delay, today is your last day!!


Use our link to give gov’t your views on renting laws (closing soon!!)

November 21, 2018

Are you a renter looking to improve tenancy rights?  Your submissions to government’s Open Doors to Renting Reform close on November 30!! And we’ve just made it easy for you through this link – it will take you 2 minutes!

Simply enter your name, email address and postcode to support the MAKE RENTING FAIR

seven point plan. Alternatively, go to the Open Doors site and make your own submission.