Premier Fix the Bill

August 20, 2021

Queensland renters need fair, safe and certain tenancy legislation and the proposed new legislation does not provide this. You can modify the letter below to add your own story and demand a fairer deal for Queensland renters!

Tell the Premier to fix the Bill

July 4, 2021

Queensland renters need fair, safe and certain tenancy legislation and the proposed new legislation does not provide this.

Help extend the moratorium on evictions for Qld renters

September 22, 2020


Last week, the Queensland government decided to end the moratorium on evictions for residential renters whist at the same time extending the moratorium for commercial tenancies.

Help us in our call to extend the moratorium until December 31 by sending a Premier an email.  It’s not the right time to be ending protections for Queensland’s renting families and households.


Gov’t proposals & what we think. Take Action!!

November 29, 2019

We think the government proposals are worth supporting. We need your help! You can use our thoughts (below) to fill in Q8 in the government’s online submission

Submissions close December 28. Feedback will be used by government to draft a tenancy law reform bill early next year.

1. Ending Tenancies Fairly

We strongly support the recommended option and the withdrawal of without ground notices to leave. We support the addition of the following reasonable grounds to end tenancies:

  • when the lessor or their immediate family will move in;
  • the premises will need to be vacant for at least four weeks to undertake significant repair or renovation; and.
  • for renters experiencing domestic or family violence.

We do not support any other additional grounds.

We believe there should be penalties applied for the misuse of the lawful grounds to end tenancies, and the potential for renters to claim compensation.

2. Minimum Standards

We strongly support the recommended option, the inclusion of minimum standards for rental properties and the strengthened repair and maintenance proposals outlined in the Regulatory Impact Statement. In particular we support the new repair orders so they will:

  • apply to a premises not a tenancy;
  • stop a rental property being rented out and/or rent capped until a repair order is complied with;
  • allow the Residential Tenancies Authority to enforce the order; and,
  • for advocates to be able to seek repair orders on behalf of renters.

3. Renting with Pets

We strongly support the recommended option that would require lessors to have a reasonable ground (prescribed by law) to deny a tenant’s request for a pet when it complies with other laws and by-laws prohibiting the pet/pet type.

In stage two, these reforms should go further to better support renters with pets during the application process.

We do not support a pet bond, because tenants already pay bonds. Any requirement for tenants to undertake carpet cleaning or pest control should only be related to the pet type. For example, flea control should be applicable for dogs and cats, but not goldfish.

4. Minor Modifications

We support the recommended option with some variation. Renters should have the ability to undertake health and safety or amenity minor modifications with prior notification to the lessor. A definition of minor modifications should be included in the changes and qualified tradesman used (only) when appropriate. If the lessor opposes the tenant’s proposed minor modifications, the lessor should be required to use the dispute resolution process within a prescribed timeframe.

A government fund should be established for low income renters who require health and safety modifications (e.g. grab rails) if they are required to restore the property on exit.

5. Domestic and Family Violence

We strong support the recommended option which allows a tenant or co-tenant experiencing domestic and family violence to end their tenancy more easily when they have evidence from specialist worker. We also support processes to help them get their bond back more quickly. and install safety and security devises.

Have your say Renting with Pets

November 27, 2019

Have your say today on PETS. Here’s the link to the government’s online survey.  It takes less than two minutes.  We think the government’s pet proposals will better support renters to keep pets and should be supported. At the same time, they don’t address issues for applicants with pets very well. We also reject the idea of pet bond.  Here’s the link…/survey_tools/rent…

HEAR HEAR – The governments proposed tenancy laws open for consultation

November 16, 2019

The Palaszczuk government has released its first round of proposals today for the reform of renting laws in Queensland! The proposals are contained in a Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) with a six week consultation period closing on December 28. The documents are available at

There is plenty of opportunity in the proposal to make renting fairer in Queensland including:

  • Ending Tenancies – the removal of without ground tenancy terminations
  • Safety and Security – including minimum standards for rental properties;  new orders to enable renters to have repairs attended to;  rent cap properties where orders are not complied with; and make an order against a property rather than a tenancy.
  • Domestic and Family Violence – to allow people experiencing DFV to end the agreement quickly, regain their bond and broaden the evidence accepted about the situation.
  • Minor modifications –to allow more streamlined process for renters to implement safety and amenity modifications.
  • Pets – making it easier for tenants to have pets.

How you can help!  Make yourself aware of the proposals and submit a response to the proposals. Make Renting Fair will be making a thorough analysis of the proposals and will let you know what we support and don’t support.

Soon we will be provide more detail on how you can effectively engage in the process.

If you haven’t already signed up, please do at and receive supporter updates.  We all need to be involved to Make Renting Fair in Queensland.