During the unprecedented community crisis that is COVID-19, the Make Renting Fair team is advocating for the rights of tenants affected by the pandemic, while also continuing to campaign for better long-term tenancy laws in Queensland.

Right now, we are committed to ensuring all Queensland tenants know their rights and remain safe during this uncertain period.

For any of our supporters who have had their incomes affected by COVID-19, we strongly recommend you visit the information pack compiled by our alliance member, Tenants Queensland: https://tenantsqld.org.au/coronavirus-covid-19-information-2/

Meanwhile, we are asking Queensland tenants to share their experiences of renting and navigating the moratorium on evictions. By sharing your personal stories we can advocate for change during consultation periods, highlight inequalities and aim to prevent future shortcomings.

To share your story, email [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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