In the leadup to the Queensland State election, we have asked each of the major parties about their policies in relation to changing and improving our State’s tenancy laws.

We put forward 10 questions to the parties. To date only the Greens, the LNP and the ALP have responded, with a promise to respond having been received from Katter’s Australian Party. We will be publishing their responses as we receive them, and updating the scorecard below.

LegendSupportive Response

Non-supportive Response
Neutral Response or Status Quo
No Response Received

Platform PrioritiesGreensALPKAPLNPOne NationUnited Australia
General Policy Supportive of Renters Rights
Commitment to support and improve renters rights during next Qld Parliament (2020-24)
Support for Independent Tenancy advisory Services in Qld
End No Grounds Evictions
Make it easier for Renters to keep pets
Make it easier for renters to get their bonds back
Limit rent increases
Minimum standards for rental properties
Read what the Greens said hereRead what the ALP said hereCommitted to respond
Awaiting response
Read what the LNP said hereNo responseNo response