Please support the Make Renting Fair in Qld campaign by sending an email submission to the Queensland government’s consultation (Open Doors to Renting Reform). You can simply enter your name, email address and postcode to support our 7 point plan.

Dear Qld Government,
I support the following changes to our state tenancy laws:

1. Prevent unfair evictions and make sure there is a good reason in law before a person can be asked to leave – i.e. remove the ability to evict tenants without grounds.

2. Keep rents fairer by
a. Limiting rent increases to one annually; and
b. Requiring the lessor/agent to present fair reasons to the Tribunal before allowing rent increases of more than 20% above the CPI.

3. Ensuring the bond is always returned to the tenant unless there is a substantiated claim made against it. When a bond dispute ends up in the Tribunal the agent/lessor should be required to make the application, not the tenant.

4. Require that information from the lessor/agent is clear, honest and understandable and provide opportunities for renters to dispute circumstances where they were misled or deceived.

5. Allow people to keep pets in their rental home as long as they comply with local Government regulations.

6. Enforce minimum standards in rental properties by requiring periodic third party inspections and introducing transparency between tenancies regarding repairs and maintenance requests and responses.

7. Increase all entry notice periods to a minimum of 48 hours.

Yours sincerely

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