Australians have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with an estimated 62% of households owning a pet. Despite our love of animals, the Residential Tenancies Authority have said that only about 10% of rental properties in Queensland allow pets. This alarming disparity contributes to the rate of pet surrenders, with the Animal Welfare League estimating that 25% of surrenders last financial year were because of an inability by people who rent to find pet-friendly homes.

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As any pet owner will testify, animals play a significant role in the mental and physical health of their owners. Whether the owner is young or old, single, married or a bustling family, pets are a welcome presence at the end of a long day. Whats more, they fill the role of someone to talk to, someone to walk with and can be someone’s motivation to get up each day for those suffering mental health problems. Numerous studies have confirmed the importance of pets in people’s health, happiness and resilience, with many hospitals and aged care homes now incorporating pets into their rehabilitation.

Tenants deserve the right to own pets and keep them when they move house. They also deserve to live without fear for the future of their pet and know they will always find a safe place to call home together.

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