Under current laws, Queensland tenants can experience rate rises every six months. When your most significant living expense has the potential to change twice in one year, tenants can experience extreme stress or be forced to move from their home and community. For the disabled, elderly or low-income families, the roll-on effects of this transition can be enormous.

Tenants who want to stand firm and dispute the rises face an arduous task. The onus of proving the rises are unreasonable is placed solely on the tenants, who must collect market data to dispute the changes. This is a challenge for all tenants but for those who speak English as a second language, or have mental or physical health challenges, the idea of contesting the rises can be entirely overwhelming.

We believe Queensland tenants deserve fair rental prices and are asking the Queensland government to limit rent increases to one annually. Whatsmore, if lessors want to increase the rent by an amount higher than 20% above the Consumer Price Index (CPI), we believe lessors should have to demonstrate the increase is reasonable, rather than tenants having to prove the action is unreasonable. An example where this increase could be considered fair is in the event of significant repairs or increased amenity.

Protection from unreasonable rent increases is also needed to ensure they are not used to end tenancies by stealth and to avoid opportunistic behaviour.

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