Dear (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr Last Name),

I’m a constituent within your electorate and am writing to you about the Queensland government’s tenancy law recommendations, recently set out in their Regulatory Impact Statement.

With around 36% of all Queensland households now renting homes including increasing numbers of families with dependent children and older people, I strongly support these changes. Not only are more people renting but they’re also renting for longer periods of time. Just under half have rented continuously for ten years or more.

Given the situation, tenants need to be able to create homes and these proposals will help them do so.  Safe and stable tenancies are good for landlords as well as tenants.

In particular, I support:

  • Reforms that always require a reason before a tenancy is ended;
  • Minimum standards for rental properties and strengthened repair processes;
  • The ability for tenants to make minor modifications to improve their safety, security or accessibility, without the approval of landlords;
  • Giving tenants greater choices to keep pets; and
  • Changes that would support victims of domestic or family violence to end their leases quickly or install safety and security devices.

I sincerely hope you will support the passage of legislation that includes these reforms.

I look forward to hearing your reply,

Yours sincerely,