A rental bond is the tenant’s money held in trust during the tenancy, in case there is any unpaid rent or damages when the tenancy ends. When tenants pay a bond on their rental property it’s usually a significant sum of money.

Tenants deserve to get that money back with relative ease when it comes time to move house however the bond return process creates significant financial hardship and stress for many renters. Currently, it’s a race between the lessor and tenant to make a claim first with tenants often left to argue their innocence against unclear, unknown and changing demands.  Additionally the tenant will often have moved to another rental property before the dispute is resolved, paying another bond and now missing thousands of dollars from their bank account. 

It should always be assumed that the bond will be returned to the tenants unless there are evidenced claims by the lessor or agent. When a bond dispute has to be resolved in the Tribunal, it ‘s only fair that the agent or lessor should be the one required to make the application. This means tenants will be made aware the specific claims and given time to prepare their response.

To Make Renting Fair in Queensland, we want to change outdated legislation and ensure the bond is returned to tenants unless the lessor makes a substantiated claim.

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