Support Queensland renters and pets

For many of us, pets are a part of our family. We love them, care for them and couldn’t imagine life without our furry friends. There are also benefits to physical and mental health – especially for kids, older people and others who are isolated or lonely.

Most renters don’t get that chance because of our unfair laws. Renters are banned from having pets for no good reason and often have to give them up when they move homes. Queensland’s animal shelters are full of dogs and cats that have been given up my families because they had no choice.

We are calling on the Queensland Government to include the right to have a suitable pet in a rental home as part of new rental laws – unless the property owner has a good reason to say no. All we are asking for is a fair go for renters and a fair chance for our furry friends.

Together, we can make renting fair in Queensland!