Last week the ACT assembly passed a bill to make renting fairer in the ACT.  Changes include:

  • a default position that tenants can have pets and even where a tenant is required to seek consent it can only be refused if ACAT has approved the refusal.
  • Rent increases of up to a prescribed amount, if a landlord wants a higher increase the tenant has to agree, or the landlord has to apply to ACAT.
  • a new process for modifications of a property by a tenant.
  • a new limit imposed on break lease fees to ensure they only cover a landlord’s actual loss.
  • tenants right to vacate by providing 3 weeks notice if they are given a no cause termination notice during a fixed term tenancy.

The changes will take at least 12 months to implement.

Unfortunately other changes including an attempt to end unfair evictions and the creation of minimum standards were not supported.  Despite not winning changes to unfair evictions, landlords will be required to provide a statutory declaration if they are going to evict a tenant because their family will be moving in.

You can find the full story here.