Choosing a home is a big decision. The costs of moving are significant and the emotional turmoil of relocating can be enormous. It’s not a task people want to experience regularly.

To ensure tenants can make the best decision for their future, they deserve to know all the facts when deciding which house to call home. Tenants deserve honesty and fairness.

As the Queensland government considers its review of tenancy laws, we’re proposing changes to ensure tenants receive accurate information at the time of choosing their rental home.

We believe renters should receive full disclosure on specific facts that might affect their ability to live in, or enjoy their home, before entering a tenancy agreement. For example we think renters should know:

  • If there is a mortgage over the property, and whether the issuing bank has given consent to the tenancy agreement;
  • Any intentions to sell the premises;
  • Whether the lessor resides nearby;
  • Whether there are any significant urban developments approved in the area;
  • The extent of any repairs and maintenance works undertaken at the property during the previous 24 months, and;
  • Any other factors that may have a significant bearing on a household’s enjoyment of the property were they to take up occupation.

While we are doing our utmost to push through these reforms, it’s important Queenslanders show their support. Beneficial changes to tenancy laws have recently occurred in the ACT and VIC, and they would not have been possible without public support.

To get behind these changes, please share this message on social media, sign up to our campaign updates and also share your own renting stories.

If you have experienced deceitful tactics when choosing a rental property, we want to hear your story. Email [email protected]

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