My husband and I have been in our current rental property on for more than three years and always paid our rent on time.  My husband was diagnosed with a serious illness a couple of months ago.  With so much happening in our lives, we didn’t realise that the end our current lease was coming up.  We had just come home from the hospital when I opened my emails and saw a Notice to Leave Without Grounds sitting there.  My heart sank in my chest.  I couldn’t believe this was happening to us on top of everything else that we’ve been going through.

I called the agent straight away and asked if maybe there had been a mistake.  We had always paid our rent on time and looked after the property, so I couldn’t understand how this could be happening. He told us it was not a mistake, that the landlord didn’t want to renew our lease.  I immediately started looking for other rental properties and putting in applications, but we kept getting knocked back.

I was starting to panic, so I got back in touch with the property manager, tried to explain my husband’s situation to him and asked if we could be given more time.  The agent said he would speak to the landlord for us and then came back, saying we could have another three months strictly – no more no less – but only if we agreed to pay an extra $175 per week!

I was speechless.  I couldn’t understand how the landlord could treat us like this, knowing our situation.  I felt like we had no other option than to agree, just to keep a roof over our heads.  We can’t really afford the extra $175, especially with my husband being off work and me because of lockdowns, but I didn’t know what else to do.  The worst part is not being able to understand why the landlord wants us out.

We’ve been frantically applying for other houses at up to $800 per week.  I’ve probably made about 35 applications now but we’re still not having any luck.  We have over 15 years of good rental history and have never missed a rent payment.  We shouldn’t be in this situation.  I worry that we won’t be able to find another place and I worry about the impact it’s having on my husband and our kids.  It seems totally unfair that landlords can kick tenants out without reason and there’s nothing to stop them.  It really seems like life can’t get any worse right now.