Use this link to email the Housing Minister and ask for the moratorium on evictions to be extended.

The moratorium on evictions is due to end September 29, putting many Queenslander renters at risk of homelessness. At the same time, both the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments will reduce. Predictions are that another 740,000 Australians will plunge into poverty.

From September 30, landlords will be able to go to court and evict tenants. Rent reductions for COVID-impacted tenants will return to their ‘starting rate,’ and rents owed during the protection phase of the moratorium will become due.

Tenants Queensland reports that increasing numbers of people are contacting their service expressing concern about potential homelessness, unresolved rent disputes and anxiety for the debt they’ve accrued while renting during the pandemic.

Highlighting the issue, Anglicare has released a special mid-year Rental Affordability Snapshot. The report findings show that in Brisbane, once the COVID-19 supplements are decreased, only 4% of rentals would be affordable and appropriate for households on government support.

Now is not the time to end the moratorium on evictions.

We’re asking you all to help call for an extension to the evictions moratorium by sending a letter to our Housing Minister, Mick de Brenni,

By continuing the moratorium protections until the end of the year, and preferably tapering those protections into 2021, COVI-affected Queenslanders will be better protected from homeless, as well as the emotional, financial and physical stress a premature eviction would cause.

Use our online template to send an email asking for the moratorium to be extended. For extra impact, add details of your personal experience and why you believe the extension is needed.

Thank you for your support.