Below is an example of a letter you might write to your MP.

Dear XX,

I am writing to request a meeting with you to discuss the urgent need to reform Queensland’s rental system and to express my support for the Make Renting Fairer campaign.

Currently in Queensland rents are increasing over three times the rate of inflation at an average of $104 per week. This puts secure, affordable, and safe housing out of reach for many Queenslanders.

These increases are arbitrary and lock renting families into a cycle of regular blow outs of the family budget. With rents soaring, wage growth will never keep pace with these increases.

*If relevant – add your own own story*

My own experience of this was an arbitrary increase of my rent from $XXX per week to $XXX. This has caused me and my family great stress and I worry what the future holds.

Queensland renters applying for housing are often subject to intrusive data collection by landlords utilising third party vetting platforms. It is not unusual to be asked to hand over complete bank statements including everyday transactions and even family food costs. We are asking for a rental system in which only relevant personal and financial information is used to determine rental suitability.

Improved training in property management and a code of conduct for landlords and agents would set standards and expectations of conduct and give renters standing to challenge poor practice.

Queenslanders living with disability should be entitled to make minor modifications like lowering locks on windows, installing railing in the bathroom, or emplacing temporary ramps so ensure all parts of the property are accessible.

Further, adjustments such as installing security cameras or screens on doors and windows are reasonable, and essential precautions for renters who are escaping domestic violence.

The current rental system is tilted too far towards the rights of landlords at the expense of respect for renters and their right to safe and secure housing.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these matters with you directly.


Kind regards,