Hear from some of the 1.8 million Queensland renters and their stories about what it is like to be a renter in Queensland.

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Rent increase of 28% over three years

May 29, 2024

*Jane lives in a small complex, in a three-bedroom townhouse in the Brisbane suburbs. It is five minutes from her daughter’s school and near her parents who provide critical support for Jane who is a single mother and works full time. Jane started the lease almost three years ago in June 2021 at $550 a … Read More

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Renting increases causing stress and anxiety

May 16, 2024

*Tom and his family had been living in their property since March 2019. When it came time to renew the lease agreement for the year 2024 – 2025, the tenants did not proceed with the renewal. They were consequently asked to leave at the end of the lease agreement. At this time, the current rent … Read More

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A large rent increase nearly left Helena and her kids homeless

March 23, 2023

With her budget already stretched, an unexpected rent increase almost left Helena* and her two children with nowhere to live. Helena is a single parent living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It’s the only place she has lived since moving to Australia with her partner some ten years ago. Helena has two children, one … Read More

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